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Our Stunning Nails Beauty Salon Sherbrooke 3789 team of professional estheticians know how to give the entire treatment- extending lashes for glamorous eyes with no effort, tweezing annoying eyebrows in style, and laser hair removal from any location on your face or body.
Oh what? You have an event coming up? That’s no problem! We can help you look your best by giving you a makeover.

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We can prep one quick eyebrow threading session so you don’t have to worry about sculpted brows in a pinch. Come see us at any moment for a direct line into society’s most sought circle—beauty lovers from all over the world will be lining up to see us.
The definition of beauty is constantly evolving, with factors such as who you are, what you desire, and how you look all influencing how you appear. If you want to be agelessly stunning like famous celebrities then Stunning Nails Sherbrookeis where beauty starts. We offer award winning services for any beauty need that can be accomplished by our talented cosmetologists. When people notice your stunning lashes, because to these ambidextrous beautifiers, you’ll always feel confident!

Nail Salon Sherbrooke

You’ll be the envy of all your friends with our Sherbrooke Nail Salon! This professional salon quality product gives your nails a high-gloss shine so good they’ll look like they’re walking down the red carpet with a simple two-step nail treatment – basecoat and lacquer. Using a one-step remover, you can effortlessly remove glitter and color.

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Get those nails looking as gorgeous as they can be! We have a wide variety of colors and designs to suit your personal style. From classic reds, to engagement ring shimmering gemstones, we have the perfect design for you and your loved ones. Make an appointment and come to our Sherbrookebranch of our Beauty Salon, and we’ll give you a complimentary consultation with our cosmetologist to help you figure out what color will look best on your skin tone!
Fun and flashy, the new stunning nails has a twist on an old favorite.
This is more than just a pair of polished fingertips with a few of hand bows. These beauties were created for social media photo shoots, world news anchors, runway models, and any women who wants to spend that extra time polishing her look. At each touch, feather touches replicate shapes in a three-dimensional palette that bends light into designs. The fundamentals are also included: small brushes for easy nail care, flexible sticks for easy painting, and specific acrylic techniques that may be easily transferred!

Hair Salon Sherbrooke

Head to Stunning Nails Hair Salon Sherbrooke, where master stylists are ready to keep your hair looking great!
Do you have a Gone with the Wind-inspired hairstyle? Have you ever wished to have hair that looks like it came straight out of a popular shampoo commercial but didn’t know how? Have an embarrassing photo somewhere on social media trying your best “voluminous curls”? Fill our shampoo bowl with this new styling hair service and it’ll be tamed toute suite. The neverending saga of your hair: the perfect cut, the rich color and artificial shine, and finally…the almost-forgettable service that makes it all happen.
We’ll give your hair a cut and some attention when you come in. We’ll also offer advice on what products will work for your locks and how to maintain it every day.

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About Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke is a harmony in Victoria, Australia, 35 km east of Melbourne. Its local government Place is the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Permanent European harmony began subsequently Robert W. Graham, an ex sea captain (born 1836 in Ludlow, Shropshire England) who spent eight years buzzing in Quebec, Canada, before migrating to Australia later than his family. He built a small house Merrimu, hand-cut from the forest, using horizontal-slab wall construction, an adobe floor, weatherboards and a sapling/shingle roof. Now noted as the ‘father of Sherbrooke’, Graham named the Place after Sherbrooke the location near his place of residence in Canada. He is also certified with discovering Sherbrooke Falls, originally named Graham falls. He was the first Post Master of Sherbrooke, the slope he held from 1894 until his death in 1918. A rude hut at the urge on of the house, with a delivery slot clip in the door, served as the first pronounce office. Both the home and the post office building nevertheless stand.

In March 2019, “Burnham Beeches”, a 1930s art deco property owned by celebrity cook Shannon Bennett, was transformed into an art installation by street player Rone aka Tyrone Wright. Originally the home of industrialist Alfred Nicholas and his family, it future served as a research facility, a children’s hospital, and a luxury hotel. It is once again slated for conversion into a luxury hotel, beginning in mid-2019.

Sherbrooke Forest, a cool self-disciplined rainforest, is listed as endangered and is protected by the state’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. It is a house of the tallest flowering forest in the world, Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans), which can exceed 100 metres in height.

Sherbrooke Forest has populations of swamp wallabies, wombats, platypus, echidnas and several species of possums and gliders. It is as a consequence a house of the lyrebird. Other nature found in the Place include Galahs, Long-billed and Little Corellas, Australian King-Parrots, Crimson Rosellas and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.


37°53′06″S 145°21′36″E / 37.885°S 145.360°E / -37.885; 145.360

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